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Nerve Encrusted Sinew - Benign Triton Tumour


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Tumours categorized as generic admixture of neural tissue and skeletal tissue are benign triton tumour, neurofibroma and commonly discerned rhabdomyosarcoma. Benign triton tumour is an exceptional, developmental lesion comprised of commingled mature skeletal muscle tissue and mature neural tissue. The neoplasm is additionally nomenclated as “neuromuscular hamartoma” or “neuromuscular choristoma” “Triton” terminology is a derivative of amphibian triton salamander wherein normal nerve can induce regeneration of skeletal muscle. Initially scripted by Louhimo and Rapola in 1972, benign triton tumour was documented as a hamartoma. Neuromuscular choristoma was a terminology adopted by Bonneau and Brochu as skeletal muscle fibres are not contemplated to be normal anatomic articulations of peripheral nerves [1,2]. Simple observation and cogent tissue sampling are appropriate for diagnosis of the biologically benign neoplasm.

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